3 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling in the San Fernando Valley

As the economy continues to improve homeowners are more willing to invest in their bathroom remodeling projects. Financial optimism coupled with rock bottom prices is causing bathroom remodeling in the San Fernando Valley to skyrocket, and three important trends have been showing up in abundance around the valley.

The first trend is noisy Jacuzzis being replaced by soaking tubs. Though Jacuzzi’s are still a popular option, many home owners are opting for a quite, serene environment for their bathrooms. These jetless alternatives are often deep, insulated tubs that are ideal for soaking for long periods of time.

The second trend concerns the bathroom’s lighting. Master bathrooms are becoming sanctuaries, and bathroom remodeling in the San Fernando Valley is seeing an increased demand for brighter, more sun-filled master bathrooms. Large windows have been an increasing trend, as have skylights and mirrors that better reflect the internal light.

The final trend concerns steam. As health clubs and beauty salons increase in popularity more and more people are experiencing the massive benefits of steaming to alleviate stress. As this trend continues home owners have now begun to build steam rooms within their own bathrooms, and technology has allowed steam room pricing to drop considerably over the last several years. Some systems even allow the home owner to turn on the steam room when they enter their garage. The system usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat up, which is the perfect amount of time to come inside and prepare for a stress reducing experience.

With the current trends in bathroom remodeling in the San Fernando Valley, 2011 is shaping up to be a lucrative year for contractors and home owners alike. “Sanctuary” is the name of the game for the upcoming year, so keep your eyes peeled for new trends that center on de-stressing and relaxation.

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