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Agoura Hills, California is a unique community located in the Los Angeles County.  Its rich history and laid-back peaceful lifestyle, makes Agoura Hills a great place to live.  Many houses boast beautiful unobstructed open views of the valley.

A distinctive home in Agoura Hills is the ranch-style home plan.  Ranch-style homes consist of one story and are defined by long and low roofs, simple layouts, vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, and often, stylishly rustic interiors.  They offer their owners endless options for decorating and remodeling.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel in Agoura Hills, one of many great design choices available to you is a southwest ranch style.  This style is appealing to many people because of its deeply American nature and affordability, no matter your budget.  Any home can be easily transformed by the rustic look characteristic of the ranch style.  Speak with a renovation specialist to discuss just how affordable your new bathroom can be.

Adhering to a “rustic” design does not mean that you have to sacrifice elegance or luxury.  In fact, with professional help, it is easy to create an experience that will take you to new heights of luxury that invites a vision of comfort, warmth and quiet times.  Stepping into a southwestern style bathroom can make you feel a little bit like Georgia O’Keeffe lounging on her New Mexican ranch surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty.

When choosing a color palette for your southwestern bathroom, there are more options than brown hues and wood textures.  Consider Mexican motifs and patterns, perhaps applied to the floor and wall tiles.  Bright blues, deep gold and soft pinks are all characteristic of this style and mimic the colors of the desert and open space.  Do not be afraid to mix and match them, varying the textures at the same time.  Ceramic tiles, wooden furniture and soft neutral rugs may complement each other when blended with moderation and taste.  Ornate hand-crafted sinks, tub and furniture will complete this stylish and cozy bathroom.

Playing with natural materials, elegant finishes and “unfinished” textures will give your bathroom a desired elegant southwestern style.  Combined with the natural splendor of the surrounding hills and mountains, this play will result in a soft warm retreat from the bustle of everyday life.

When undertaking bathroom remodeling in Agoura Hills, there are hundreds of choices to make, from what style fits your life best to what colors make you happy.  We can assist you in making these choices easier and the process of bathroom remodeling more exciting. Contact us at (818) 878-8588 today for a FREE consultation.

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