Bathroom Modeling Explained

Bathroom modeling is what happens either the first time a bathroom is constructed, or when an existing bathroom is completely torn down and designed from scratch. Usually it’s best to keep the plumbing where it is in the case of a tear-down, but the plumbing can be moved if necessary or desired.

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Bathroom Modeling

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the selling points of a home and should reflect the owner’s sense of style. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or modeling the bathroom during the building of your home, there are ideas that enhance the average bathroom and can add value to a home. Does this Spark an idea?


A modern-style bathroom is sleek and without clutter; the number of items that are in your bathroom is directly related to the amount of space that is available to work with. Although the idea behind a modern bathroom is minimalistic, the pieces of furniture and accessories used are unique in design and create a futuristic feel. Instead of modeling your bathroom with a traditional bathtub, purchase a bathtub that is geometrically different than one in an average bathroom. Consider a round, square or triangular bathtub that is shapely yet comfortable. If using hardwood flooring, purchase a small rug that accents the color scheme in the bathroom; use simple, solid colors to decorate a modern bathroom. Purchase sinks that stand alone, without counter space, and purchase a small table to place somewhere in the bathroom for the necessities that cannot be placed in a cabinet.


A Mediterranean-style bathroom can be designed as rustic or luxurious; it traditionally has tall ceilings and is decorated in shades of brown and gold. The accessories in a traditional Mediterranean bathroom are made of wrought iron, and the light fixtures are artistic and designed with glass shades. The feel of a Mediterranean bathroom is warm and casual; granite, wood, marble and iron are often used to accent, enhance and add authenticity to the traditional aspects of this style. Also, when deciding on the type of sink to be used in a Mediterranean bathroom, purchase a vessel sink, which is the traditional type.

Traditional English

To model your bathroom into the traditional English style, the first item to take a look at is the flooring. For a traditional English-style bathroom, the tile on the floor should be diamond-shaped or a checkerboard pattern. If you prefer to install wood flooring, this can be done as well. Either type of flooring needs to be light in color. When deciding on which type of bathtub to install, purchase a claw-foot tub; this gives the image of a portable tub that is manually filled. The fixtures in the bathroom should be pewter or brass, and the sink should be a pedestal sink. Also, a bidet is often included in a traditional English bathroom; a bidet is a low sink that is used to wash after using the toilet.

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