Follow These Steps to Renovate Your Bathroom

If you follow these teps to renovate your bathroom you'll avoid the obstacles and surprises that people who don't plan experience. You can make it easier on yourself by planning in advance, but you have to know what to put into your plan!  We can help by answering any questions you have. We can help you put your plan together. Just complete the … [Read more...]

Trade Your Bathtub For a Shower

Have you ever thought about trading out your bathtub for a shower? We are doing that in one of our upstairs bathrooms because I just love showers and the other is 'bath central.'  We have a wonderful master bathroom with a bath but I want a full-featured shower with enough room to move around in it. This article discusses the planning stage … [Read more...]

Rethinking Bathrooms

It's time for rethinking bathrooms. For far too long they have not been considered as a 'real room.'  They are a necessity, and they should be comfortable  and offer the usual features, but this article suggests we start thinking of bathrooms as full-fledged rooms.  Imagine the possibilities! With today's technology anything is possible. If you … [Read more...]

112 Patterns of Mosaic Floor Tile

Do you like mosaics? This ancient art form offers infinite design options limited only by your own imagination. All ranges of colors, patterns and materials can be combined to produce works of art that enhance any environment.  Mosiacs fit traditional designs as well as modern. This article shows you where  to get a catalog of 112 different … [Read more...]

Medicine Cabinets in the Bathroom

Medicine cabinets in the bathroom are common. But there's nothing common about all the different styles and types of medicine cabinets that are available. It's important to get a medicine cabinet that provides enough room for all those things you need in the bathroom. We have a full selection of medicine cabinets and we're sure we can help you … [Read more...]

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