Likely Trends for Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles County in 2011

With the economy improving contractors from the Los Angeles County are gearing up for a lucrative year of bathroom remodeling projects. According to a recent poll more and more homeowners are willing to invest in their homes as compared to last year. This is especially true for thriving cities such as Los Angeles which experience the affects of economic turns before the rest of the country.

Though things are looking up for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles County, homeowners are still being as careful as possible with their investments. Most homeowners are focusing their projects on improvements that will best raise the value of their home rather than simply raise its personal appeal.

According to market analysts, prudency will be the trend as we move into 2011.  Homeowners will be concerned with making their money go as far as possible, postponing their lavish bathroom remodeling ideas for when the economy settles back into good standing. For example, rather than choosing luxurious materials for one bathroom remodeling project they may opt for less expensive materials for two projects.

Homeowners are also being more energy conscious. “Green” options are on the rise such as water saving faucets, showers, and doors that better trap in the heat. Lighting is being extenuated by more mirrors thus preventing the need for high wattage light bulbs, and materials such as vinyl flooring are being purchased for their longevity and long term value.

Ultimately, the growing economy is motivating homeowners to spend, but over the next year they will try to spend wisely. Not until the economy hits its stride again will we see bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles return to its previous market. The next year will certainly be better for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, but the real peak is yet to come.

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