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Unlike some of the more relaxed communities located directly on the ocean shores, Tarzana is a more urban area of Los Angeles.  Although a very green and beautiful location, Tarzana does not always have the luxury of the cool oceanic breeze.  Summers here can get very hot and residents tend to keep their windows and doors tightly shut to lock in the refreshing coolness.

When undertaking bathroom remodeling in Tarzana, it is important to make the space light and airy or at least create the illusion of the natural light abundance.  Natural light is one of the most crucial components of a great bathroom design.  In a bathroom it also has an important functional necessity.  Other than help with precise shaving or makeup application, daylight also gives us energy and charges us with positivity.

One of the solutions is the use of skylights – windows in the roof that let the daylight in.  Many modern houses have skylights in master bathrooms today.  Even on cloudy days, you can still benefit from having a skylight, especially in terms of saving electricity.  Skylights can be of different types, for instance ventilating skylights (great for air circulation), fixed skylights (come in different shapes, provide the abundance of natural lights and serve as elements of décor) and tubular skylights (used for smaller spaces where a full skylight can’t be installed).  No matter what type of space you have, a professional will help you determine the best available solution for your bathroom remodeling project.

Another great option is to install full-spectrum lights.  These lights are the closest to the natural sunlight and cover the full electromagnetic spectrum.  If live plants are part of your bathroom decor, they will thank you as well.  Full-spectrum lights are used by artists to make sure that the hues they use are true to life.  Think about what they can do for your make-up application!  They will also bring out the true colors in your fixtures, fabrics and accessories.

Finally, the element of illusion and reflection can help contain more daylight inside.  Strategically placing a large wall-length mirror will not only visually enlarge the space, but also make it appear brighter.  Choose your window treatments carefully.  For example, Roman shades don’t allow a lot of daylight in, even when they are fully open.  If you must have a curtain, select sheer light fabrics in cool breezy colors.

When starting your Tarzana bathroom remodeling project be sure to compare value with design goals.  Call us today at (818) 878-8588 for a free consultation and learn how affordable it can be to invite more sunshine into your bathroom.

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