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Thousand Oaks is part of the Ventura County industry for home renovation. Specialists from around the world consider this area a leader in innovation, and with the current market of low prices and ferocious competition, home owners can purchase a gorgeous bathroom renovation at an amazing price.

Thousand Oaks is affectionately referred to as “T.O.” by those who live here, and it received its name by the many oak trees that inhabit the area. Today, real estate in Thousand Oaks is at a higher margin than it has ever been before, with median home prices landing in the range of 670,000 dollars. It’s one of the only cities in the world that is a planned community, and as a result, it doesn’t have many of the negative side effects of large cities such as traffic congestion and pollution. This has allowed Thousand Oaks to be named one of the best places to live in California.

Because of the great prices and services currently offered in the home renovation industry, bathroom remodeling has seen a major increase in sales over the last few years. Bathroom sizes in Thousand Oaks typically range from medium to extra large and the average cost of a renovation starts at around 3,000 dollars.

Though residents who perform their own renovations save money up front, the community of Thousand Oaks largely relies on bathroom remodeling specialists to upgrade their bathrooms. Statistics say that bathrooms with professional renovations sell for significantly higher prices than if the renovation was performed by the home owner, so most residents make the extra investment in order to save money when it’s time to sell the home.

Renovations in this area typically start by contacting a professional for a quote on a prospective project. Most reputable companies will offer this quote for free, but some will charge a hefty price just to speak with you. The quote will then get refined based upon the home owners budget and a project plan will be created.

As Thousand Oaks is one of the more affluent communities in the Ventura County area, some companies will try to up-sell the customer during every step of the process. But the cost should go no further than that which was originally quoted, and the company should provide all the materials for the project with very little, to zero mark up.

Once they begin work they will typically outfit a home with all the equipment necessary to prevent damage such as foot debris, and scratches on the wall. A good company should also provide Andy Gumps, or external toilets, so both the residents and the workers don’t have to use the homes other amenities.

Most renovation companies in the area specialize in more than one type of renovation. But based on the sheer demand of bathroom remodeling, residents of Thousand Oaks can choose a company that only does one type of remodeling- namely bathroom renovation. Selecting a company that has one area of expertise means that company can provide the absolute best service and prices in the market. Compared to other areas that have a minimal selection of professionals, residents in the area can select the perfect company to meet their exact renovation needs.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Thousand Oaks, there’s no better time than now to get a great deal on a beautiful bathroom renovation.  Call us at (818) 878-8588 to schedule a complimentary consultation and estimate for our project.

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