What does a $10,000 Bathroom Remodel Budget Get You?

What does a $10,000 bathroom remodel budget get you?  Quite a bit! You can get most everything that you want at that budget, and we can show you how to maximize your investment.  Take advantage of our free telehphone consultation by completing the form at the right.  It’s free, with no obligation, and we’ll answer all your questions right away.

Budget Bathroom Remodel

Well, good people. Here we are at the summit of our bathroom remodeling budget series Mount Everest. This is the big one; ten large!

There have been a few ways to look at this series. One is the idea of approaching a slow transition for a project, setting the stage to be comfortable with in the present, while dreaming of future transformations. Another way to look at this series is the idea of saving up your shekels for a really big change all at once.

Either way, many of the same principles have been at work; making a space comfortable according to your needs, and not by some rulebook, or even by these graphics we’ve painstakingly created! That’s what this series has been all about.

And so what is our graphical scenario for this level of remodel-hood? Well, take a look at the chart above and you’ll see!

Finish this article here: http://blog.builddirect.com/bathroom-remodel-10000/

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